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LeWeb London 2012 day 1

I’m finally home. It was a long day at the LeWeb. To be completely honest I went there with a hope to find an answer to a few questions. I didn’t know what to expect and even if I’ll be … Continue reading

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ORGcon 2012 Power On Democracy

Today I was helping at the ORGcon. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] download LawrenceLessigUnconference.mp3 The Open Rights Group conference about challenges we are facing today. It has just finished. I’m putting just a link to Lawrence Lessig’s @lessig … Continue reading

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I don’t know how it happened but at this point it’s not even important. We all have one way ticket. I’m not sure if this mission will allow us to save the planet or this is merely a try to … Continue reading

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Going ballistic… in my trainers.

What would you do in a situation where you don’t have time for anything and you do live in constant frustration? How about going ballistic? There is this joke I can’t recall entirely… about this Jude that comes to see … Continue reading

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For all of you Facebook users

I just wanted to give you a quick blip on what’s coming up. For all of you Facebook users is becoming SpaceBench FB presence. Over the course of upcoming weekend I’ll be editing some of the material I shot … Continue reading

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SpaceBench mentioned on Security Now!

Just a quick shout out to everybody who came to my site thanks to the mention on the latest Security Now! I hope you will enjoy tracking the progress of the project and that you will find it inspiring and … Continue reading

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Putting it all together is not an easy thing

One would imagine that making it all happen is an easy task. It has been two weeks since my last post. During this time I have done some changes to the backbones of the project. I had to set the … Continue reading

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Hello and welcome everybody! My name is Patrick and I have decided to conquer the matters of space, gravity and human mind. Yea, it I do agree, it sounds catchy but what does it actually mean? Let me explain. Currently … Continue reading

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