A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Hello and welcome everybody!

My name is Patrick and I have decided to conquer the matters of space, gravity and human mind. Yea, it I do agree, it sounds catchy but what does it actually mean? Let me explain. Currently I work as a software developer and I’ve been doing it for years. Recently I have started to look back on my very first encounters with technology and, to my surprise, I’ve realised that I have started to specialise too much on a single technology. What I mean is that I used to take a great pleasure out of having to jump between different branches of science to get a result for a project. I want to go back to that joy and taste of wonder. I want to remind myself how it is to light that flame of passion inside of you which will keep you awake till 5 in a morning. Beyond anything I also want to find and expose that amassing drive in other people working on their projects late at night in their garden sheds. I’m hopping that some of that magical dust will fall on my children and make them wonder too.


The task: to proof that rocket science isn’t that hard. My goal is to build a reusable means allowing elevate a payload to the orbit and bring it back in controlled fashion.

At this point in time I don’t know how I’m going to do that. I don’t know what technologies I will consider, the think I’m certain of is that the knowledge required to do that is freely available to all of us. The vast amount of Open Source projects is there for us to learn from. I hope I’ll be contributing to some of them as well. So far I’m establishing the infrastructure for my project and making first connections with people involved in technologies I may need to explore. I hope they will share with me their experiences and give me some guidance.

It is very important to me to document everything along the way and share the information with the rest of the community. I hope this will cover at least a part of my debt to the Open Source community for all the knowledge I gained with their help.


I know I look scared and unsure. Debuts are like that :) Bare with me…

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